Hello world…

Welcome to our blog!

We will use this section of the site to write you all love letters 😉 sharing our goals and visions for Live Unchained and give you information on what goes on behind the scenes-and in our heads.

We are also excited to use this blog to feature interviews with women who Live Unchained! We want you to be a part of this. In the spirit of Live Unchained’s multi-media approach, this site will include audio and visual media. Please submit interviews that you have conducted or taken part in with women who reflect Live Unchained’s mission to liveunchained@gmail.com. Also, please contact us if you would like to participate in an interview with us.

You will also find general information on women who are living unchained as well as links or direct access to some of their works.

We look forward to reading responses to our posts to get your feedback, suggestions and learn how to make Live Unchained as amazing as possible.

Much love,
Kathryn and Miriam

One response to “Hello world…

  1. traceycoretta

    Thank you for creating new spaces.

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