Welcome to the Live Unchained Blog!…What does “living unchained” mean to you??

Thanks for visiting!

If you are viewing this blog, you have probably visited our website, http://www.liveunchained.com, which has more information about project Live Unchained.

Live Unchained is a multi-media anthology created for and by black women across the African Diaspora. As the project has grown we’ve learned that women from different parts of the world want a space to share opinions and ideas with each other; we hope this blog can help.

We’ll be posting regularly about topics we think the contributors and supporters of Live Unchained would be interested in and can benefit from. Every blog will end with a question of the day for you to respond to. Your opinions mean a lot to us–we look forward to hearing from you!

Question 1: What does “living unchained” mean to you?

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