Daily Archives: August 10, 2009

Lucía Asué, Living Unchained in Madrid…

Live Unchained brought me to the best part of Madrid, the terrace of Lucía Asué Mbomio Rubio. A place where I had a wonderful welcome party, great conversations and filmed the video you see above.

One day, many months ago, I decided to promote Live Unchained via facebook and came across a page posted in Spanish for an organization called Alto Consejo de las Comunidades Negras. I contacted every member that was on Facebook at the time, including Lucía, the director of Communications and Media. She sent me back a beautiful and encouraging response–the last line of which read: “Vuestra lucha es también la mía,” Your fight is also mine. True to her word, she has been eager and generous in supporting and promoting Live Unchained.

To Live Unchained she is contributing a documentary, “The Invisible City: Voices in the Cañada Real Galiana.” The documentary portrays the largest illegal settlement in Europe. Lucía artistically captures the challenges facing the forty thousand residents that occupy the Cañada Real. Diversity and contrasts characterize this zone; One can see, “chalés of luxury and shacks, addicts and volunteers, businessmen and pariahs…without access to a hospital, nor a school” (for a more detailed description see this PDF). The documentary has been shown at the World Social Forum in addition to receiving various accolades in different countries. Here is a teaser.

Aside from her art, she has one of the most enviable jobs in Madrid. She is a television personality for Españoles en el Mundo, which airs on the national channel, RTVE. As a reporter for this program, she has had the opportunity to travel all over the world including my hometown Chicago and her Father’s homeland, Ecuatorial Guinea. You can see the full episode of Ecuatorial Guinea here. Continue reading