Africa HuNa–Black Political and Social Networking Site, Entirely in Spanish!

Africa HuNa is a political and social networking site, which was created in Spain. The network has grown to include people interested in issues affecting Africans and people of African descent throughout the world, who prefer to communicate in Spanish.

The title, Africa HuNa, has a couple puns. HuNa represents Hu-Humanidad and Na-Naturaleza; the unification of Humanity with nature or, in other words, roots. Also, an alternative spelling of Africa is Africah, to emphasize the last syllable and show reverence. The spelling of Africah Una, translates to Africa Unite (like the Bob Marley song).

Sese Site, a sociologist and co-creator of the site, explains and shares her thoughts on the project.

For those of us who did not learn Spanish as a first language, the site is a great place to practice your Spanish, while keeping up with current topics and events in the world. People of various races, ethnicities and nationalities are communicating in Spanish regarding activism, music, politics, literature and many more topics. When I see that someone has posted something interesting, I leave a message directly for that person. Whenever I have a question about an issue related to Africa and I want quick feedback, I visit Africa HuNa.

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