We wonder…

2 responses to “We wonder…

  1. Dietmar R. Winkler

    Your poll is not very specific and feeds the stereotypical aspects of the issues:


    Creativity is the ability to construct new and original things (concepts, objects, images, performances, experiences). Non-stop creativity doesn’t exist. Persons, who claim that they are, delude themselves and most likely are self-deceptive liars, even if they think being seemingly inspired. Only when one critically thinks and applies the resulting knowledge to solve unknown intellectual problems, do possibilities arise for achieving creative acts. The rest is claptrap.

    Individual Freedom

    Although in the US people are bragging about freedom, the concept can only be a social and cultural dream, namely to work towards the utopian goal of individual freedom, but at the same time with the understanding that total freedom cannot be achieved. Humans, like birds are programmed by environment, history, social and cultural values, which in the majority stay unexplored, adopted from family, school, temple, church or mosque. Only those, who deconstruct everything they confront and reconstruct it within their own specific sets of values, can to a certain extent declare that they live within a non-oppressed state of mind.


    There is nothing wrong in using the dictionary definition of “diaspora”. But it depends on the context. The word in itself does not have any negative meaning, as it refers only to the fact of dispersion of members of a formerly concentrated ethnic, religious or speech community. The reasons for the dispersal may be specious but the fact in itself is not.


    In the same ways in which a European cannot totally understand the culture of Native American (and we have proof of that), a male cannot understand the schism between genders. All a male can do is empathize . . . while keeping everybody’s human dignity in mind.


  2. The poll was very interesting to me, and I found it hard indeed to answer whether am I a feminist or not. Being a male, I feel compelled to agree with “D.” (comment above), because I can’t really undertand in my skin what’s it to be a woman. I can empathize and change my attitudes towards my mom, my gal, allright, but the fact is I ain’t and will never be a woman, and vice-versa. Support, respect, empathy and comprehending their demands (most of them righteous enough!) is the maximum I can contribute to their/your cause.

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