Spare a line?

Because our two favorite “ivities” are collectivity and creativity, we wanted to invite you to a special gathering…

A potluck poem is a poem that is created collectively by a group of people who take turns sharing words. We would be so honored to have you join us by sparing a line or two and posting it in the comments section below this post as Miriam and I have.

The theme is freedom–so share whatever line you think speaks to this. Most importantly, you should feel free when you write. Don’t worry about what someone else wrote or think too much about what you should say–just share and we will love you. =)

We will post the poem, in its entirety, on Monday, March 8th as one document to be downloaded from this site. The final collective piece will be read and recorded by one of our contributors and posted as a video blog the following week.

Happy writing!

The next part is a creative opportunity for our contributors with a poetic spirit and access to YouTube or Vimeo. Learn more at our contests page.

50 responses to “Spare a line?

  1. I will speak.

  2. I will move as if it was written

  3. Sebrena Woods-Ofei

    I will love as if my living depended on it

  4. I am love. A noun a verb. Pure love.

  5. the sky is the limit.

  6. I will fly like a bird.

  7. I’ll walk below the joyous glow

  8. Wind laced within a cheetah’s speed.

  9. Freedom to live MY way

  10. Unconstrained by time or false expectations

  11. with our minds we breaks chains
    but with our hearts we heal pain

  12. allowing, knowing, honoring my power

  13. and reminding others of the power within them.

  14. I know of my ancestors so, I know who I am.

    I am free becuase of those before me.

  15. The power to dream, to reach, to grasp
    Always within reach, that dream

  16. I take, under my wings, all of humankind
    and press to my heart and soothe with my soul

  17. in my dream i see chocolate, cocoa brown, golden brown, and alabaster hues of black women marching together for sisterhood solidarity and i begin to cry….

  18. Love and Freedom are verbs.

  19. Freedom is and freedom aint…..

  20. I will hold on to my names so that I may remember who I am, my calling

  21. be
    by definitions
    in english
    in spanish
    in black brown white yellow
    pure boondagle mulatto
    americana american
    boricua yankee
    by birth or by thought
    between my legs
    or in my heart
    i am
    what became
    by my parents
    my ancestors
    my histories
    to be
    force of nature
    but first and foremost
    to be

  22. Illusive, yet constantly sought.
    Both finite and infinite at once.
    An individual’s freedom must end where another’s should begin.
    For in collective freedom, the pursuit of one’s happiness must never come at the expense of another.

  23. Sagas of minimum wage, a quarter for me as I slaved

  24. worthy of love
    open to peace
    no fear of goodness

  25. your enemies seem like cartoon characters now… all that office drama gone with a pink slip

    you toiled but did not despise

    now you’re free
    reinvention means

    –I don’t know, what does it mean, mom?
    What does it mean, cuz?

    why are we up on each other?

    I’ve got to get out of this house

    Not that I don’t love you.

  26. Fearless ..You thought you had power..
    Rebelling …Against your small mind..
    Excited …About all of lifes possibilities..
    Elevated ..Cuz I am ME…

  27. . . .because freedom means acknowledging that pink elephant in the room and. . .

  28. the dark caverns of the soul

  29. Each second breathing inside this vessel is freedom…

  30. Freedom to is being true to your desires . If your not true, then you are caged.

  31. and when this vessel cracks
    it is freedom that mends it
    so injustice can’t find its way in…

  32. The skin you wear-my deepest fears.

  33. shouting at the top of my lungs
    crying until i can’t breathe
    i’m free

  34. student of life :)

    Freedom is being too confident in your divinely inspired talents and abilities to fear disappointing others at the expense of your personal happiness.

    To be free is fully loving oneself in the image of the God in and through whom we were created.

    Freedom is learning that mistakes are inevitable, but making certain that each subsequent misstep is a brand new one.

  35. when you look in the mirror and the reflection makes you smile — you are free.

  36. Freedom is a flamer and a diva who has embraced all that s/he is and has given herself liscence to sing, to dance and say whatever she wants, how she wants b/c she is free.

  37. Chandra "C Notes"

    approval from myself, to myself, of myself

  38. I speak Freedom in the names of those from whom it was stolen

    I speak Freedom in the spirit of those who never owned it

    I speak Freedom in the face of those who keep us bound and broken

    I speak Freedom in the light of the path we’re on to know it

  39. winding through the seams in search of blurring the lens of clarity…

  40. To be free is to be me
    Loving myself completely
    Loving those who loved me
    Loving those who gave me
    Life while fighting to be

  41. To know love is to taste freedom.
    To give freely that which was given
    unto you without condition by the Universe.
    To see God in the mundane
    and to embrace it, unabashedly and wholeheartedly.

  42. It’s the simple things that remind me, I’m free

  43. I’m free to be or not be
    whatever you may or may not think of me
    your freedom to believe,
    I will not try to deceive
    but will release my words to the Universe
    to add a voice, to hear your choice
    to continue our discourse
    changing, molding,
    playing, holding
    what it means to be free

    some struggle for it
    some already have it
    some don’t know what it is
    some don’t know what it feels like
    the power of the mind brings freedom
    to all who dare to explore their inner realm
    be brave . . . take my hand
    lets find it together

  44. to be free, have freedom
    it’s not just for me
    im free, but others chained
    knowing that, how free can i be

    my mind is heart is with trapped
    my mind may be free to think and choose
    where is my heart, when i see other’s blues

    freedom cannot be just me in my eyes
    free other, now, to free our lives

  45. enslavement does not erase the freedom that preceded it.

    the presence of a lie does not negate the truth that existed before it.

    and any setback does not render meaningless a previous success.

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  47. Contrary to what others show you
    Freedom does not provide a license to act without conscience.
    To move with
    Speak on
    Bathe in
    Shout about
    Sing of
    Dance for
    Breathe and
    Exude freedom
    You must be a righteous soul seeking satisfaction and peace in its purest form
    For yourself and all in need.

  48. to communicate
    to hold it a little longer
    to impress more deeply

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