Happy Black Girl Day!

Today is UNIVERSAL Happy Black Girl Day! Founder Sister Toldja says: “National is not big enough. International is for chumps. We are interplanetary, baby.”

We want to thank the Beautiful Struggler, herself, for naming this wonderful day. Of course, we do not need a holiday to celebrate ourselves. But, just like that special someone’s birthday, it’s nice to have a set time when you know that no matter what is going on, you will celebrate her for all that she is and has become. This is why we are happy to celebrate Happy Black Girl Day.

For those of you who are uncomfortable with the idea of Happy Black Girl Day, Sister Toldja has a message just for you:

“Cry me a river. Go to said river, fill up a pail and water some flowers. Pick said flowers and bring them to me on Happy Black Girl Day and maybe, just maybe, I will care about your whining.”

So, today is a day for connecting with the little girl inside who likes to eat ice cream in the back seat, makes abstract art in bold colors and dances and sings with confidence because she lets the music take over her.

Our wish for all the little girls, as well as the female veterans of girlhood, on Happy Black Girl Day is that you love your dreams unconditionally–cherish and protect them like you would a little girl.

I leave you with the most inspiring girl I know; my little sister Chloe. Every time I see this video I smile.

How will you celebrate?…

One response to “Happy Black Girl Day!

  1. Stopping by from the HBGD celebration! Your little sister is adorable. Keep twirlin girl!!!

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