Dear Janelle Monáe,

Thank you for being you.

Kathryn & Miriam

I really just want to encourage and inspire people to use their freedom in a positive way and in a way that is inspiring to other people. – Janelle Monáe

On her MySpace page for Cindi Mayweather, her android alter-ego, Janelle Monáe explains why artistic freedom is necessary. She writes:

This is a clear indication of why I strive to be free as I can when I perform.

Why I do my own hair and pick out my own clothes.

Why I express myself the way I do.

Why I strive not to play it safe, especially with my music.

Why I strive to not play by “the rules” or your rules for that matter.

Why when you’re trying to change lives and have influence, having commercial success is not really that important.

Why I exercise my rights.

Why I am not upset that you don’t like the way I dress or my hair or the way I dance.:-)

Why I really don’t care about you not believing in Janelle Monáe.

Why I smile more.

Why I can’t and don’t take my freedom for granted.

Why If I were you, I wouldn’t either.

Why I focus so much on the future.

Why I can’t understand why people are growing down instead of growing up.

Why I get more mad at niggativity over negitivity (huge difference).

Why I care more about having influence than fame.

Why I try not to complain much.

Why I would prefer to be staying at Galileo Galilei’s house over L.A. Reid’s anytime.

Why I am not mad at the world, but pissed at people who want to stop progression from happening.

Why I can not support ignorance.

Why my mission is bigger than just music, you, and me.

Why black girls and girls in general should be able to run for president and win!

Why I smile more.

Why I kick down mic stands and do hurleys on stage AND TV.

Why I am an artist and will fight for my art and yours too, if I like it.:-)

Why I wear a black and white uniform and a pair of black and white saddle oxfords all the time.

Why I am not trying to be perfect, but remarkable.

Why there should be more Einstein’s or someone better at this point in time.

Why I do not fear man or woman nor being a leader.

Why I have a made up mind.

This my friend, is just a clear indication of why Janelle Monáe WILL change the world and will slap you hard in the face if you even think about trying to stop her.


Learn more about Janelle Monáe/Jane/Cindi Mayweather/Android #57821 at and

And, please don’t forget that Janelle Monáe came out with a bang on her first short film, “Many Moons” in 2008.

3 responses to “Dear Janelle Monáe,

  1. Nothin’ but Net Janelle!
    Nothin’ but Net!

    love it !

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