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Dreams are the realest things in life…

They are so serious, powerful and unstoppable.

Dreams never simply go from our minds to multi-millions; everyone goes through a transition period. I recently had a lesson about this, which also explained that some of us get lost in the transition phase–times when we experience a series of challenges and slow-motion progress and begin to think that the closest we’ll get to our dreams is the fantasy. Transition can feel like torture.

Harlem Renaissance artist Georgia Douglas Johnson captures this feeling well in, “My Little Dreams.”

I’m folding up my little dreams

Within my heart tonight,

And praying I may soon forget

The torture of their sight.

For time’s deft fingers scroll my brow

With fell relentless art—

I’m folding up my little dreams

Tonight, within my heart.

This poem is just as sad as it is universal. It reminds me of another lesson. Imagine your dream as a $100 dollar bill. If you had folded and unfolded it a million times, it would be wrinkled, but it would still be worth $100. I thought many of my dreams wouldn’t become realities because I had second-guessed or made too many mistakes. Truth is, every noted artist (I said artist and not star), is just someone who survived the transition periods of hopelessness to keep their hearts open.

We at Live Unchained, as with many of our friends, are in a transition/grinding/working-like-the-rent-is-due phase right now. We try to remember that life has its cycles and transition periods do end. They were meant to end. As Lauryn Hill sang: “After winter, must come spring, change it comes eventually…Tomorrow our seeds will grow.” But, before breaking the record for first-week sales for a female artist and winning five grammies for The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Lauryn Hill sang and lost at the Apollo.

But, she made it through the transition. And, of course, Lauryn has had her challenges, like we all do, but she comes through with beautiful pieces to share.

Dreams are the realest things in life. Live Unchained.

Don’t Upset the Rhythm

We work hard for Live Unchained because we want this project to connect and empower. Thanks to all of our supporters who continue to help us along the way. Live Unchained is only what it is because of you and we want to make you proud.

We’ve decided to take some time away from the blog to make this project the best it can be. Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re taking it easy just because it’s the summer time ;). We actually have many things going on behind the scenes–business plans, interviews, marketing, web development and trips to name a few–so we’ll be performing backstage maintenance. This means that over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting a little less frequently than usual.

Now, of course, we couldn’t leave you with nothing to step to…

We’ve been enjoying UK singer–by way of Zimbabwe–Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes. She has the glamor of Diana Ross, the edge of Grace Jones and the artistry of Lauryn Hill.  The Noisettes’, “Don’t Upset The Rhythm,” seems appropriate given where we are in the evolution of Live Unchained—putting in all the energy that we can, but trusting the timing of everything.

Talk to you soon–looking forward to it…

Nigeria Represent!

The Nigerian Blog Awards showcases Nigerian bloggers that write on various themes. We are excited that two of our Live Unchained supporters are nominees. Lola Akinmade received nods for Best Travel Blog and Most Unique Voice and Nnedi Okorafor for Best Writing or Book Blog.

Vote for your favorites here: 

We leave you with three of our favorite female musicians of Nigeria; You’ll see them featured on some of the entertainment blogs nominated.



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