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A Distinctive Path: A conversation with Raquel Wilson

Live Unchained had the pleasure of asking Raquel Wilson about her many projects and thoughts on activism, culture, and art. Raquel puts her many creative talents and knowledge into projects that enhance peoples lives and the world around us. She is a remarkable voice in art and activism, we are pleased to share her thoughts here.

You’re described as an: “artist activist culturalist.” What do these terms mean to you? Is there anything else you would include to describe what you’re work and beliefs are about?

The first two are literal.  I am an artist — I’m a graphic designer, I am a painter and I curate art and photography shows.  I am an activist — I use my voice and talents to inform and speak out about injustices around the globe.

Culturalist is a mash up of two words — culture and anthropologist. I am an anthropologist that studies the language and traditions of people of the world, a cultural anthropologist.  I think we could all learn more about tolerance by just studying another language or culture.

You’ve mentioned: “It is important to me that the playing field is equal for everyone – regardless of gender, race, religion, culture or class.” Was there a particular event, or series of events, that helped you come to this understanding?  Why is this important to you?

Being a woman of color I have had to endure everything from having racial slurs and lit cigarettes thrown at me as a child to overt discrimination in the workplace as an adult.  My experiences have made me aware of the injustices that many have had to brave due to culture, class, sexual orientation, religion and so much more.  Based on my history alone, I think it would make me a hypocrite not to support civil and human rights for everyone.

Do you think “activist” and “artist” are terms women should be more comfortable with embracing?

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