Creative Entrepreneurs Creating Their Own Path

The process of getting your work out to a larger audience and even *silence* financially profiting from it, can seem challenging–just like the creative process. In reality, working to share and earn a living from your work can actually be rewarding. But, you shouldn’t go about it alone.

If you are prepared to make an investment in taking your artistic career to the next level, Evelyn Bandoh is someone you should know. She believes your art deserves to be seen and that you deserve to eat.

Evelyn, artist, entrepreneur and financial expert, created EAB Creative Planning Services, LLC, to offer financial training, advising and coaching for creative entrepreneurs and creative, arts-based nonprofit organizations.

We had the opportunity to chat with her about her services and the special needs of creative entrepreneurs. Evelyn has a refreshing personality and is equal parts inspiration and beauty–so much so that I had to get me a hug before turning off the camera. (Please excuse the wind in the background.)

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