Responding to inspiration instantly–and having fun =)

We shot this music video entirely on an HTC Evo. We are both big fans of Lauryn Hill and got the inspiration for making this short after hearing Lauryn Hill’s “Repercussions.”  Moments later, Miriam said: “We have to make this movie tonight!” So we did.

We shot this in about 2 hours and pulled an all-nighter editing it–once we got into it, we couldn’t stop working, laughing at ourselves and having fun.

Miriam introduced me to Lauryn Hill’s repercussions last night. Afterwards, I said: “I liked the song, but I’m not sure I would want to be driving in my car saying to myself: Repercussions! Repercussions! Repercussions!

Then, we bounced ideas off of each other about examples of repercussions. Your credit card gets declined–repercussions. Your car gets towed–repercussions. Your phone gets stolen–repercussions.

We also wanted to poke fun at bad music videos with some of the effects.

Fun is powerful.

We know this project isn’t perfect, but it wasn’t meant to be. “Repercussions” was fun to make, that’s why we made it.

This project showed us the importance of not taking yourself to seriously and appreciating inspiration when it comes.

One response to “Responding to inspiration instantly–and having fun =)

  1. This IS funny. I especially identify with the cell phone part.

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