We had a lot of fun with our last pot-luck poem and, to our surprise, Maria Shriver (who turns out to be a poetry fanatic) even posted a link to our video on her Twitter page and called it “powerful.” Some of you wanted us to organize this again, so the virtual poetry is back!

Add your line to our collective poem, given the theme of inspiration, by posting a word, phrase, or lines (please do not exceed 3 lines) below as a comment reply to this post.

As with last time, we’ll compile all the lines into one piece and post it next week. And, as you requested, poet Tiffany Okafor will be back to read the piece in an accompanying video.

So, tell us about inspiration…

11 responses to “Inspired

  1. as i look over all she has done, with so little and to whom she has touched, empowered and encouraged. I believe that she is my inspiration no, i know that she is my inspiration.

  2. An inspiration that is as essential as air

  3. as air, as the air — the mist of God’s glory –inhaling exhaling, living & being & dying & living all in one breath all in one moment, giving life to me because this is what our mothers they do — live & be & die & live for our little bright-eyed selves

  4. and the prod; the tip an arc of painful light forcing itself under the skin of me, searching for a ground to lie down and disperse into…this prod like a lover gains brief purchase on my skin, intent to set a tiny, instant blaze.

  5. A tiny blaze at first. At last a fire that burns every thought in its path, refining it into pure gold. Gold that shines and blocks out all fear and doubt that yes, this is the story that must be told.

  6. But gold, its price too heavy for many. Its burden too heavy to bear. For purpose, one must lighten the load. For meaning, one must choose which gold to bear.

  7. You shine brightly, as if lighting the way to a place unknown
    Yet one where I am destined to go.
    I willingly follow with mind, spirit and soul.

  8. to know
    to communicate it a little better
    hold it just a little longer
    to impress more deeply

  9. inspire
    and in this concrete jungle i have no choice but to express the way that i feel and the way that i feel is that this system is unreal
    because i can’t touch the woman that i’d die for

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