On Meeting Queen Afua, an International Women’s Day Dedication

When we met Queen Afua at a women’s group gathering back in December, she gave hugs.  Real hugs.  Big hugs.  The kind of hugs that touch you deep down to your core. And, I felt like a giddy little teenager.

I thought, What do I say to a woman who has dedicated her whole life to helping women heal themselves?  A woman whose work has helped me work on me?  A woman whose picture on the cover of a nutritional pamphlet I received at a Women of Color Conference in college would help solidify my resolve to become a vegetarian, years later.  A woman whose book our women’s group references now as we set aside time to honor ourselves and commit to our own healing.

I was taken aback.  My, how life is circular!

On that day, I realized that the words that were burning in me to say were these: Thank You.

On this 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, as we celebrate all the women who help our lights shine brighter, we say… Thank You.

My, how far we’ve come!

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