We are having 3 contests–learn more below.

1. Poetry and Spoken Word Contest

After all the lines have been collected for our pot-luck poem on Monday, February 29th, we will have a competition to win a gift card and prize from our store. Contributors may re-arrange lines from the final collective poem in whatever order they choose in a written or spoken word piece that speaks to the theme of freedom. We will announce two winners, one for the written and another for the performance piece that we think engages the concept of freedom in an engaging and creative way.

For those of you who would like to do the spoken word piece, you may opt to simply leave the lines as is and just submit a video. Please upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo. Simply, send us an e-mail at with “Pot-luck Poem” in the subject line and a link to your video and word document of your written piece. Please include a title of your work.

For the VERY AMBITIOUS, in keeping with our global theme, you may choose to translate some or all of the lines into a foreign language for your submission.

Our only requirement is that you don’t “break the line” by separating the words within someone’s line. We want to honor those who participate by keeping their words in tact.

This contest is open to our female contributors of African descent. The winners will be announced on April 5, 2010 and featured on our blog.

2. What does it mean to Live Unchained?


We want you to tell us (1.) what Live Unchained means to you and (2.) why you want to contribute to and or support this project.  Anyone can participate, in any language—this includes our brothers and sisters outside of the continental United States.  Simply make a comment to this post.  In no more than 5 sentences, respond to both points (1.) and (2.).

The editresses will review the responses and announce the reply that we feel touched us the most.  The “winner” (even though we love you all) will receive a free t-shirt from our Live Unchained store.  The winner will be announced, May 1, 2009.

Here is what Live Unchained means to us:

We have described Live Unchained as a collection of women coming together, from across the African Diaspora, to collectively create a multi-media anthology.  Beyond that, however, it is a way of thinking and living (a philosophy), as well as a movement.

As a philosophy we believe to live unchained is to highly value your freedom and heritage and believe in celebrating, sharing and developing a deep understanding of both.  Given that there are women of African descent throughout the world, we are committed to connecting and sharing our creative expressions, despite differences of nationality or language.

We consider Live Unchained a movement to acknowledge that women who share a commitment to “live unchained” are not alone, but part of a global collective effort to preserve, share and honor black women’s creations.

Looking forward to your thoughts…

¿Que es Live Unchained? Dinos y gana un premio!

Queremos que nos digas 1.- Lo que significa Live Unchained para tí. 2.- Por qué quieres contribuir y /o apoyar este proyecto. Cualquiera puede participar, en cualquier idioma, esto incluyo a nuestros hermanos fuera del territorio Norte Americano. Simplemente haz tu comentario de esta publicación. En no más de 10 oraciones, responde a ambos puntos 1. y 2.

Las editoras revisarán las respuestas y anunciarán la respuesta que creamos que nos haya emocionado más. El ganador (todos ustedes son ganadores ;o) recibirá una franela de nuestra tienda de Live Unchained. El ganador será anunciado el 22 de Febrero de 2009.

Esto es lo que Live Unchained significa para nosotros:

Hemos descrito a Live Unchained como un grupo de mujeres uniéndose desde la Diaspora Africana, para crear juntas una antología multimedia. Más allá de eso, de cualquier modo, es una forma de pensar y vivir (una filosofía), al igual que un movimiento.

Como una filosofía, creemos que “Vivir sin Cadenas”(Live Unchained) es valorar altamente tu libertad y herencia, y creemos en celebrar, compartir y desarrollar un profundo entendimiento de ambas. Dado que hay mujeres descendientes de africanos alrededor del mundo, estamos comprometidas a conectar y compartir nuestras expresiones de creatividad, sin importar las diferencias de nacionalidad o idioma.

Consideramos a Live Unchained un movimiento para reconocer que las mujeres que comparten un compromiso con Live Unchained no están solas, foman parte de un esfuerzo global colectivo para preservar, compartir y honrar las creaciones de las mujeres negras.

Estamos ansiosas por conocer sus respuestas!

3. Apparel Design Contest

Live Unchained is accepting designs for t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, etc. Learn more below…


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