As we are trying to expand dialogue among black women, we encourage women to submit works they would like to share with their sisters across the world. Submissions are being accepted on a rolling basis.  Soon, we will be contacting all the women who have shown interest with more information about how to contribute to a Live Unchained “sampler,” made up of selected audio, visual and written submissions.  We’ll use this sampler to market to possible publishing companies.  It will also be available online.

When we launched Live Unchained, we decided to organize the multi-media anthology thematically, based on the submissions we received. Given what women have submitted so far, we are dividing the anthology into three sections that reflect the process of longing for, defining and embracing freedom.

Longing for Freedom
This section will include stories and experiences of imagining and desiring freedom when facing challenges and barriers.  We are seeking expressions concerning womens’ experiences with freedom denied in literal and/or symbolic ways.

Defining Freedom
Stories and experiences in this section will reflect how women question and understand freedom. We want to hear what freedom means to you and what the process of defining it looks like.

Freedom Expressed
Some women believe freedom is attained through the act of creative expression. We want to know how women celebrate their freedom. What images does a free woman create? What does she draw, write and sing about?

We are accepting songs, photography, personal essays, short stories, comics, biographical sketches, short films and anything else suited to the format of a book, CD or DVD. The final product will be organized thematically, based on the submissions that we receive.

Specifics on what you can contribute:

If you are a filmmaker or videographer, send us:

Short Films
Music Videos
Motion Graphics

Format–.mov or .avi
Duration–should not exceed 90 minutes

If you are a graphic artist, painter and/or illustrator, send us:

Digital Art
Comic Strips/Sections from Graphic Novels

Format–.psd or .jpg or.pdf
Dimensions–should not exceed 11″x17″
Length–should not exceed 10 pages

If you are a photographer, send us:

Conceptual, Travel, Black & White, etc. photos

Format–.psd or .jpg or.pdf
Dimensions–should not exceed 11″x17″

If you are a musician, send us:

Music Videos
Filmed performances

Format–.mp3 or .mp4 for audio & .mov or .avi for film
Duration–should not exceed 20 minutes

If you are a writer, send us:

Short Stories

Length–should not exceed 3500 words

If you are a spoken word artist, send us:

Filmed Performances
Audio Recordings

Format–.mp3 or .mp4 for audio & .mov or .avi for film
Duration–should not exceed 20 minutes

Notes on submissions:

  • There is no need to censor yourself. Be real. We trust that you know when to use colorful language to tell the story and not simply to add some artificial pizzazz. Just speak your truth, whatever that might be.
  • Sorry guys, this is a girl thing. We are only accepting submissions from women. But if you want to start your own anthology, we support you! We do, however, accept pieces women create in collaboration with others as long as they are the principle artist and/or writer.
  • We are accepting and encouraging work, originally created in a language other than English. For all written work, however, please include English translations. For songs and performance poetry, please include lyrics and/or words in the original language and English.

6 responses to “Submissions

  1. Hello,

    I would love to reach out and be a part of this project. I am April Mahoney, a spoken word poet, author , orator and community activist. I would like to submit 1 or 2 poems from my lastest book I Utter Magic.
    I am not clear if I need to place my submission in this box or some where else. Please advise

  2. Hi April.

    I hope you’re doing well.

    Thank you so much for contacting us!

    To send us your submission, please e-mail us at You can e-mail your submission as an attachment, with the word SUBMISSION in the subject line.

    We’d be happy and honored to hear from you!

    Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

    Much love,
    Kathryn and Miriam

  3. This is great blog and a great idea

  4. I wrote a line today and searched on the internet for what it might bring to me, I found you.

    This quote is yours to use, it has a deeper meaning.

    “We are humans, don’t read into it, read out of it. Knowledge is the tool by which we become unchained.”

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